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In Christ — Spiritual Blessings!

Day 3238: My relatives’ Christmas get togethers start today!

Scripture: May grace and peace be mine from God my Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.  I am to praise the God and Father of my Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed me with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms in Christ!  Ephesians 1:2,3

Thoughts/questions: Most of us desire to be blessed and today’s verses say that we ARE given blessings. However, sometimes our idea of blessings is answered prayer for healing, safety, finances, relationships, etc. Yet here is a list of what spiritual blessings we already have, even though we don’t often pray for these!

  • We are chosen by Him before the creation of the world.
  • He sees us as holy and blameless.
  • We are adopted as His sons and daughters through Jesus.
  • He extends His glorious grace to us through His Son.
  • We have been redeemed through Jesus’ blood.
  • He forgives our sins past, present and future.
  • We have access to His wisdom and knowledge.
  • He marked us with the seal of the Holy Spirit guaranteeing our inheritance in heaven.*

Spiritual blessings – valuable for now and eternity, but aren’t sought after as much as physical blessings. Maybe things should change! Please reread them and be truly blessed!!!

Suggested Prayer: Living God of the universe, You have blessed me for eternity, yet I focus on the here and now. Help me to receive Your spiritual blessings every day . . .

*from H*VMI

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Personal Sharing — Yes, We Are Similar!

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In Christ — Who We Really Are!

Day 3235: Blessed Assurance, Jesus is mine!

Scripture: For in Him we live and move and have our beingActs 17:28a

Thoughts/questions: The previous two days we looked at ‘we live’ and ‘move,’ and now we will focus on ‘have our being.’ Used as a noun, it is the nature or essence of a person! Who we really are – the inner person – our being! Used as a verb, being emphasizes how the noun or subject is, was, or will be.

And in Christ, our being is both the noun and the verb! When someone asks, ‘How are you,’ the essence of who we were, are, and will be should be the answer, but we get away with simply saying, fine! No, there is SO much more to our being than that easy answer

In the U.S. we have an annual State of the Union address. As the year ends and a new one begins, this is an excellent time to consider the state of our being! How is this most important inner person doing? Regardless of circumstances past and present, is your being learning from the past, excited for the future, and living in the moment?

Or has the outer package become your priority rather than what truly will last forever?Our being MUST be based on our relationship with Jesus, as in Him our being becomes complete! Yes, it is only in Him we live and move and have our being!

Suggested Prayer: Dear Jesus, so often I forget to give credit where credit is due! Without You I am nothing . . .

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In Christ — We Move!

Day 3234: Two weeks and it’s CHRISTMAS!!!

Scripture: For in Him we live and move and have our being. Acts 17:28a

Thoughts/questions: Yesterday the devo was on the phrase, we live. Today it will be on, and moveTwo things about in Him we move. 1) We get to move! Sounds simple and basic, but . . .  I visit my Mother-in-law at a care center and sometimes see certain residents in the hallway. They do not move at all. And then there are children’s hospitals where little or no movement is made by some patients. Physically we do move; others don’t; we need to be thankful daily that we move!

2) We move, but where? God has given us mobility, and many of us have freedom in addition, yet are we using that mobility wisely? Are we using our abilities to serve others or self? What if Jesus spent a year with you and wherever and however you moved, He was physically right by your side? How would that look? Might be a bit embarrassed at times???

And yet, He IS there wherever we go; and IS with us in whatever we do! Yes, in Him we move, so let’s be thankful and let’s be wise and careful about wherever we go and whatever we do!!!

Suggested Prayer: Living God of the universe, I move only because You allow it. Help me to be continuously thankful and to use my physical abilities wisely . . .

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In Christ — We Live!!!

Day 3233: Mondays can be fun days too! How’s that attitude?

Scripture: For in Him we live and move and have our being. Acts 17:28a

Thoughts/questions: This is a short verse, but we will do a devo on each phrase! Today is We Live!!! If you read relatively fast, it takes about 70 – 90 seconds to read an average post on God2me. During that time, 6 people die in the United States alone as approximately 7,500 people die each day in the U.S.

So today, did everyone in the U.S. wake up like you did? Did everyone make it to work or their initial destination? Did everyone make it from 9 – 5? Will everyone make it home? Once home, will everyone make it to bed? The obvious answer to these questions is a resounding – NO!

But today you may escape and survive to live another day. Why? Initially because life itself is God’s gift to us. And not only did He breathe life into us, He also gives us each new breath because of His mercy towards us!!!

Our very lives depend on God. It is in/of/because of Him that we live! Thank Him today and every day for that life. Tomorrow, many won’t be able to do that simple thing . . .

Suggested Prayer: Everlasting Father, only You are the Author of my life. I am, only because of You. May I ever be thankful, and may I also be humble knowing that You are God and I am not . . .


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In Christ — No Fear!

Day 3231: We should never get tired of TGIF on Friday!!! Thank God I’m Forgiven!!!

Scripture: For God gave me a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control. II Timothy 1:7   I will have no fear of bad news; my heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord. My heart is secure, I will have no fear . . .  Psalm 112:7,8a

Thoughts/questions: After I made my second sky diving jump, I bought a T-shirt that added sky diving to a popular saying at the time, ‘No Fear, shut up and jump!’ ‘No fear’ was a catch phrase during the 90’s, but fear is inherent within us and often serves as a safeguard or warning.

But God’s desire for us to live without fear has been consistent throughout! Rather than just trying to muster up courage and attempt to eradicate fear, He gives us the reasons as to why we are not to have fear! First, He has not given us fear as a gift, but His gift is for us to live a life of power, show love, and demonstrate self-control! We are to focus on these attributes with the result – No Fear!

Secondly, we don’t have to be overcome by fear, even when bad news knocks at our door.  Our hearts can be steadfast and secure BECAUSE we trust in our loving heavenly Father Whose promises give us hope based on faith and again, No Fear!

With God it’s far more than a mere phrase on a T-shirt! He wants our fear to be replaced by faith resulting in power, love and self-control! Put those in your heart and mind, not on a shirt!

Suggested Prayer: Almighty God, may my trust in You grow to the point that I am able to live without fear . . .

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In Christ — Friends!

Day 3230: Tis the season to be jolly, but I’m actually ???

Scripture: No longer do I call you servants, for the servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all that I have heard from My Father I have made known to you. John 15:25

Thoughts/questions: Friends, not acquaintances, are to be treasured. True friends can be counted on when others fade. True friends will be at your funeral!  So many factors are involved in the quality relationship we call friends, that true ones are sometimes hard to find.

And Jesus has called us His friend! Sometimes it seems like this might take away from His true status as Almighty God. We are to consider Him as our friend, but we must be careful not to equate Him to our buddies. He is that true friend – that friend Who laid down His life for His friends – us!

We are blessed that He considers us friends, and He is our friend with an asterisk. *So much more than any mere earthly relationship. The real deal!

So, we are to be thankful He calls us friend, and humbled to be able to call Him the same!

Suggested Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank You for being my friend . . .

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Personal Sharing — Partnership With God!

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