Posted by: Larry Hoekman | November 25, 2011

I John 5:13-15 – Confidence!

Day 791:  God2me has changed!!  Details tomorrow!  Briefly, you can now click on ‘categories’ for devotions in specific areas or on ‘books’ to read an entire book in the first person!!!  TGIF!

Scripture:  John is writing to people like me who believe in the name of the Son of God, so that I may know that I have eternal life.  The confidence I can have when approaching God is that if I ask anything according to His will, He hears me!  And knowing that He hears whatever I ask, I also know that I have what I asked of Him.  I John 5:13-15

Thoughts/questions:  The dictionary’s first two definitions of confidence are a ‘belief in our own abilities’ and ‘faith in somebody to do right’.  So when we approach God, in whom will our confidence be???

It seems that we approach Him the most through prayer, and our prayers are so often filled with requests and petitions.  John acknowledges this as He shares with us the secret to God hearing and answering our prayers – praying confidently according to God’s will!

Is God being self-centered here or is this similar to any other request we might make? If one goes to their parent with a hair-brained request they know goes against their parents’ wishes, how confident could they be.  If you ask for something at work that is contrary to the philosophy of your business, you might be fearful when presenting your request.  However, when a child or anyone asks something they know is in line with the thinking of the person hearing the request, they can be assured of being heard and having their request granted!

God is the same!  Would He be showing love towards us if He granted a request that was not good for us?  Would he really have plans for our success if He gave in to any petitions that would hurt us in the long run?  Our confidence is having the faith that the living God of the universe WILL do what is right – right for us!!!  He will ALWAYS hear and grant that request!

Suggested prayer:  Father God, thank You for always doing what is right for me even when I think things should be different . . .

Memory verse for I John 5:  If I have the Son of God, I have life; but if I do not have the Son of God, I do not have life.  I John 5:12 


  1. Sometimes I think things should be different. But I am not God and I know He loves me even though it seems He doesn’t answer me for my healing..

    • Some things I wish were different too!!!

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