Posted by: Larry Hoekman | September 18, 2014

Daily Readings – Need some restoration?

Day 1815: Took a nasty fall yesterday, but my busy guardian angel kept me safe!

Scripture: Lord God of hosts, restore me! Psalm 80:20a

Thoughts/questions: I have a ’68 buick Skylark which looks pretty good, but is in need of some restoration. Over time, things changed, and surprisingly they did not change for the better. The interior deteriorated, engine issues came about, rust developed – you get the idea.

Spiritually, we don’t have to ‘age’ like physical things, but our spirits often need a bit of restoring.Our love for Jesus? Our joy? Our hope? Our ability to trust completely? Do some of these need an overhaul or a little polish?

Like my Buick, is it time to restore your spirit in relationship with Jesus? People come from all around to see restored classic cars, but there’s not much of a market for cars like mine! Also, people are attracted to restored spirits. Lord God of hosts, restore me! 

Suggested prayer: Father God, may my relationship with You become like new again . . .

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