Posted by: Larry Hoekman | September 23, 2014

Daily Readings – A ‘Perfect’ Relationship!

Day 1820: May the Lord use your giftedness to bless someone today!

Scripture: Love and truth will meet;  justice and peace will kiss each other. Truth will spring from the earth; justice will look down from heaven. Psalm 85:11, 12

Thoughts/questions: Lemonade is good as is chocolate milk; however, taking a swallow of one right after drinking the other and in combination they are ‘not’ so good! Do love/truth and justice/peace go together like chocolate milk and lemonade? Individually they are great, but together?

In Ephesians we are told to speak the truth in love – a perfect relationship. But what about justice and peace? Can we be at peace with God while He administers justice? Can one’s family be at peace when justice is enforced?

The Psalmist tells us that we eventually will KNOW that a God of peace can also be a God of justice! Cries of ‘that’s not fair’ will NOT be heard when God’s justice is carried out! Yes, the Creator of this expansive universe can unite justice and peace into a perfect relationship!

Suggested prayer: Father God, help me to never doubt You . . .

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