Posted by: Larry Hoekman | October 1, 2014

Daily Readings – Short and Sweet!

Day 1829: Welcome to October!

Scripture: Jehovah is King! He is robed in majesty and strength. The world is His throne. O Lord, You have reigned from prehistoric times; from the everlasting past. The mighty oceans thunder Your praise. You are mightier than all the breakers pounding on the seashores of the world! Your royal decrees cannot be changed. Holiness is forever the keynote of Your reign.    Psalm 93

Thoughts/questions: This is Psalm 93 in its entirety and the first three words say it all. Like the first commandment, when we get this right, the rest simply follows – Jehovah is King!

Commandment numero uno! “I am Jehovah your God . . . You may worship no other god than me.” God is very concise regarding describing Himself. We MUST get this right. Nothing, no nothing, exceeds the position of God.

HE IS GOD – nothing – no person, place or thing – is superior to Him!

If we believe this, then we should act like it; think like it; and speak like it! Jehovah is King!!!

Suggested prayer: Jehovah God, may my life feflect my belief that You, and You alone, are The Lord Almighty . . .

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