Posted by: Larry Hoekman | October 21, 2014

Daily Readings – Push, shake, or hug?

Day 1849: His grace is enough!!!

Scripture:  The Lord is at Your right hand . . . Psalm 110:5a

Thoughts/questions: We do lots of things with our right hand and we are pretty much aware of that which is so close to us that we can use our right hand to impact it.

David states that the Lord is at our right hand – so close, so close. Thinking of yesterday, did your right hand embrace Him, politely shake His hand, or possibly push Him away?

How about today? He IS right there! Let’s not push Him away and busy ourselves entirely with the demands of the day. Let’s not nicely acknowledge His presence, extend our hand, shake hands and then ignore Him except in times of need.

No, let us embrace Him. Extend your spiritual right hand and hug Jesus tightly! Know that the Holy Spirit is holding you close as well. Let today be a day of continually stretching out our right hand and clinging to the One who loves us most!!!

Suggested prayer: Lord Jesus, may I never push You away or politely ignore You. May I always extend an open arm and closely embrace You . . .

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