Posted by: Larry Hoekman | October 26, 2014

Daily Readings – The God of Creation!

Day 1854: Make every day a godly piece of your legacy!

Scripture: Tremble, O earth, before the Lord, before the God of Jacob. He turned the rock into a pool of water and the flint into a fountain of water. Psalm 114:7,8

Thoughts/questions:  This is a short little Psalm without a lot of apparent depth or meaning. However, these last two verses remind us of who are God really is.

Mother Nature? God? Without accepting God as creating the universe, humanity invents a Mother Nature. That seems to indicate something with power and the ability to nurture. And from which part of the Big Bang did this Mother come from? Does she exist is some form? Certainly a better name than ‘Random Events Without Purpose.’

BUT God is THE creator! The earth trembles before Him and speaks His praise daily! He makes water into wine and brings water from rock! The next time I hear someone say Mother Nature, I am definitely going to ask them just what they mean by that! Join me – should be fun!

Suggested prayer: Almighty Creator of the Universe, I too tremble before You! Thank You for choosing to love me . . .

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