Posted by: Larry Hoekman | November 20, 2014

Daily Readings – Raise your hands!

Day 1879: Don’t let your ‘doing’ get in the way of your ‘being’ . . .

Scripture: Lift up your hands in the sanctuary and bless the Lord.  Psalm 134:2

Thoughts/questions: Why would lifting of our hands have anything to do with blessing the Lord? Those of you who don’t practice this probably have no answer. Those of you who do, probably can’t bless Him without arms extended skyward.

The most important thing is to bless Him, but this verse seems to indicate that the two certainly can go together. Athletes use their hands to react to a good play and seem to either take credit by pounding their chests, or give credit by pointing skyward.

God is blessed when we are selfless and recognize and obey the 1st commandment – He is God and beside Him there is no other – not even us! Extending hands can serve to take the focus from us to what we are extending our hands toward!

Extend them to God. Take the focus from self to God – that WILL bless the Lord!

Suggested prayer: Lord, help me to forget about myself and bless You . . .

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