Posted by: Larry Hoekman | January 2, 2015

God’s Promises – Forgiveness!

Day 1922: Continuing a January filled with God’s promises!

Scripture promises:  If I confess my sins, God is faithful and just to remove my sin from me and cleanse me from all of my unrighteousness.  I John 1:9    The distance the east is from the west is the same distance that my sins have been removed from me.  Psalms 103:12

Thoughts/questions:  We don’t use the word forgiveness enough, but it is a vital word to Jesus!! God not only forgives, He also does an amazing job of forgetting.

All of us have probably experienced inputting some important information into our computer only to forget to save it or have a computer glitch lose it.  You COULDN’T retrieve it no matter what you did.  God’s forgiveness is like that!!!  When He forgives, our sins are totally REMOVED from His memory – He won’t retrieve that information – we are cleansed – white as snow in our heavenly Father’s eyes!

How much do we have to pay for that forgiveness, or what penance do we have to do?  NOTHING! God WILL forgive us, and He wants us to do the same with ourselves and with others.

Suggested prayer:  Almighty God, my sins are many. Thank You for Your continuing forgiveness . . .


  1. White as snow…..nice…..amote

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