Posted by: Larry Hoekman | January 9, 2015

God’s Promises – Troubled times?

Day 1929: We can still have peace!

Scripture promises:  God is my refuge and my strength.  During troubled times, He is right there to help me!  I don’t need to fear even though the whole earth should change.  I do not need to fear even though the mountains slip into the sea; even though the ocean’s waters roar and foam; even though the mountains quake.  Psalms 46:1-4

Thoughts/questions:  Troubled times? Whether it be weather conditions; political scene; volatility of nations; or the horrific acts of individuals – something always seems to be making headlines shouting:  WE ARE IN TROUBLED TIMES!

However, how should we respond when it appears that ‘the whole world should change’?  Psalm 46 makes it perfectly clear.  GOD IS MY REFUGE AND MY STRENGTH!!!  I love how Psalms goes on to state how our Father is not far off watching, but that He is ‘right here, right now’ as our rock!   The ocean is roaring, the earth is quaking, the world is changing, BUT we have the God of the universe as our source of strength!

Someone once responded to one who said that ‘they were fine under the circumstances’ with “What are you doing under there?”  The whole earth is changing, BUT we do not need to be ‘under’ those circumstances.  Put yourself under the promises of God and let His peace reign in your life!

Suggested prayer: Almighty God, thank You that Your strength can be my peace . . .


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