Posted by: Larry Hoekman | January 19, 2015

God’s Promises – The heavens declare . . .

Day 1939: I love these verses!!!

Scriptural promise:  The heavens declare the glory of God!  By carefully observing His creation, I am able to witness the wonders of the works of His hands.  Every day and every night His message is displayed to all the earth!  Psalms 19:1-2

Thoughts/questions: Once the illustrations at the Griffith Park Observatory bombarded my senses with the unbelievable vastness of my God. The size of the individual galaxies is amazing.  Our Milky Way Galaxy alone has 4 billion planets with a special one – earth.  Add to that the untold number of galaxies; some of which actually emit sound, many have unusual coloring, and all move through space in an orderly fashion.

Then there is little me.  God could easily get rid of planet earth and have trillions of others to concern Himself with.  He also could not care about me and have billions of others to share His love.  BUT He loves even me, and even you!!!!  I stand amazed!!

What are you hearing the heavens declare?  What is its vastness showing you about God?  Each day is telling something; each night has a message for you – what is God’s creation saying to you today and tonight?

Suggested prayer:  Lord, I humbly proclaim You to be the AWESOME Creator! 

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