Posted by: Larry Hoekman | January 27, 2015

God’s Promises – He’s Preparing our Home!

Day 1927: Our eternal home – can’t wait!

Scriptural promises:  Then Jesus left the earth to prepare a place specifically for me!  And because He prepared my heavenly dwelling place, He will be coming back to bring me to my eternal home to live with Him!  John 14:3

Thoughts/questions: Heaven is like the joy of going somewhere where others have prepared a great time for us and like when we welcome treasured friends and share pre-planned adventures together.

We can eagerly await the preparations being made for our arrival at our eternal home and Jesus is personally building our home for eternity. Since He knows EVERYTHING about us, our new heavenly home will be EXACTLY the way we would want it to be and even SO much more!

Jesus is excited about our coming – it’s time for us to also get excited about our eternal home!!!  Enjoy each day, but always remember His promise that the BEST is yet to come! It does get better than this!

Suggested prayer: Lord Jesus, this earth is not my home. I so look forward to seeing You and what you have prepared for me . . . 


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