Posted by: Larry Hoekman | February 3, 2015

Words in Red – Willing compassion!

Day 1934: His words for us!!!

Scripture:  “I am willing, be clean!”   Mark 1:41b

Context:  Jesus met a leper who asked that if Jesus were willing, would He heal him.  Mark says that Jesus was moved with compassion, touched the leper, and he was healed.  The healed leper told everyone, and Jesus popularity skyrocketed.

Thoughts/questions:  Two really great 3 words phrases – ‘I am willing’ and ‘filled with compassion.’  A leper in Biblical days was excluded from human contact, yet Jesus was different.  He had compassion on the leper and was even willing to touch him as He healed him!

Are we willing?  Do we have compassion?  I remember a time I was talking with a friend, and he asked me to pray for something he was going through.  I felt compassion for him and later prayed for him, but the thought ran through my head that I should pray for him right then, BUT I didn’t.  Yes, I had compassion, but no, I wasn’t willing.

Sometimes we feel ready and willing to help, but are lacking the compassion to get moving on it.  When the willingness and the compassion combine, then we are following Jesus’ example!  Let’s put BOTH into practice everyday!!!

Suggested Prayer:  Lord, give me Your heart of compassion and help me to be willing to do whatever You call me to do . . .

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