Posted by: Larry Hoekman | February 9, 2015

Words in Red – Jesus!

Day 1940:  The most controversial figure ever – Jesus! (this is a bit long, but Jesus is worthy!!!)

Scripture:  “How can Satan cast out Satan?  A kingdom that is at war with itself cannot stand.  If a home is divided against itself, that home cannot stand.  And if Satan rises up against himself and is divided, he cannot stand, but he is finished!  In fact, no one can enter a strong man’s house and rob him without first tying him up.  Only then can his house be robbed.  I tell you the truth, all sins that are committed can be forgiven, even blasphemy.  But whoever blasphemes against Holy Spirit will never be forgiven, as they are guilty of an eternal sin.”  Mark 3:23-29

Context:  The uniqueness of Jesus resulted in religious leaders accusing Him of getting His power by being possessed by Satan and even some of His family thought that He was out of His mind.

Thoughts/questions:  Jesus IS a controversial character!  When He began His ministry He didn’t waste any time and was super busy healing, delivering, teaching, and setting up a team of disciples.  The question was not, ‘Is He doing these things?’ as they saw it with their own eyes.  The issue became, ‘How is He doing them?’

The bottom line about Jesus is the same today as it was then – ‘He’s crazy!’  Even family members thought this – He had gone off the deep end and was becoming some kind of lunatic.  ‘What a liar!’ – the religious leaders accused Him of lying about His power and that He actually was demon possessed himself – He was a liar of the greatest magnitude claiming to be God’s Son.

What others have summarized about Him is true – Liar, lunatic, or the Son of God!  Not a good teacher, prophet, Bob Marley mentor preaching love to all – no, they accused Him then, and He didn’t back away!  ‘I may appear crazy or full of lies, but I truly am the Son of God!’

Jesus – nothing short of the most amazing, radical person to walk on this earth!  IXOYE – Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Savior!!!!!

Suggested Prayer:  Jesus, I acknowledge You as the Christ, God’s Son, my Savior . . .

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