Posted by: Larry Hoekman | February 15, 2015

Words in Red – The revolutionary!

Day 1496:  Jesus – the revolutionary!

Scripture:  “How shall I describe the kingdom of God?  What parable should I use to illustrate it?  It is like a tiny mustard seed, which is the smallest seed you plant in the ground.  Yet it grows and becomes one of the largest of plants, with such large branches that even the birds can nest in its shade.”  Mark 4:30-32

Context:  Jesus continues to teach in parables!

Thoughts/questions:  This parable, interpreted differently by many, is also found in Matthew and Luke, and they both start with someone planting this seed in their garden or field.  To us, it may not mean much, but His listeners were shocked.

They would wonder who would EVER intentionally plant a mustard seed?  That had to be the stupidest farmer ever, and it was often illegal to do so.  This aggressive plant could corrupt an entire garden or field!

The kingdom of God is like a crazed farmer??  What kind of kingdom would that be??  A revolutionary one for sure!! This new kingdom was NOT simply a nice worldview – NO, Jesus made it clear from the beginning that He was a revolutionary!

Jesus rocked His world by bringing the supernatural to the natural.  A leader who made all things new!  What an honor to be a Christ follower!  May we allow Him to make us new every day!!!

Suggested Prayer:  Jesus, thank You for revolutionizing the world and revolutionizing my life . . .


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