Posted by: Larry Hoekman | February 20, 2015

Words in Red – His plan!

Day 1501:  Enjoy your Friday!  The living God is with you every moment!

Scripture:  Don’t be afraid!  Just trust me.”  “Why all this weeping and commotion?  The child has not died, she is only asleep.”  Taking her by the hand He said, “Little girl, I say to you, get up!”  Mark 5:36b, 39b, 41b

Context:  A message came to Jesus and Jairus, a synagogue official, that Jairus’ daughter had died. He later healed the girl after being laughed at by the gathering mourners.

Thoughts/questions:  “Don’t be afraid!  Just trust me. God connects the events in our lives toward His ultimate plan and this story truly illustrates this!

The last event was a miracle of raising the girl from the dead, but a number of events occurred before this could happen.

Point A – Jairus becomes a ruler of the synagogue in Capernaum – a good thing.  Point B – He becomes aware of Jesus who probably taught in his synagogue, and he probably was irritated by this self-proclaimed Messiah – bad thing.  Point C – his daughter gets deathly sick – super bad thing.  Point D – He has to find this Jesus and actually ask Him to come and try to heal his daughter – bad thing.  Point E – they are slowed on their journey by someone else wanting healing – bad thing.  Point F – his daughter dies – ultimate bad thing.  Point G – Jesus has the audacity to ask him to trust Him – possible good thing.  Point H – the mourners are already there confirming her death – bad thing.  FINALLY, Point I – the miracle and resulting great things!

To Jairus, some of these events seemed random and unconnected.  Some were probably good.  Others were definitely bad, BUT GOD HAD A PLAN FOR EACH AND EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE!!!  And He is doing the SAME THING in each one of our lives right now!!!  Jesus words are also for us, “Don’t be afraid!  Just trust me!”  Let’s apply the lessons from the life of Jairus into our own!

Suggested Prayer:  Lord, help me to learn to trust You completely . . .



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