Posted by: Larry Hoekman | February 21, 2015

Words in Red – Reliance!

Day 1502: Saturday with the Grandkids – great stuff!

Scripture:  “A prophet is honored everywhere except in his hometown among his relatives and his own family.”  “Wear sandals and do not put on two coats.  Wherever you enter a house, stay there until you leave town.  And if any place will not welcome you or listen to you, shake the dust off your feet when you leave as a testimony against them.  Mark 6:4, 9b-11

Context:  Jesus was rejected when teaching in His hometown and few miracles were done there.  He then sent out His disciples in pairs to do ministry.

Thoughts/questions:  Jesus sent out His disciples with minimal provisions to teach them reliance.  Reliance is defined 3 ways:  1) Dependence; 2) Confidence; and 3) Primary support.

Dependence – from the inception of our nation via the war of ‘independence’ we in the USA pride ourselves in being independent, yet God wants us to continually depend on Him which results in a daily battle.  Confidence – by relying on someone, we demonstrate our confidence in their abilities to help us.  Who better to have confidence in than the living God of the universe?  Primary support – we need a lot of support and many times that support comes in human form, but God HAS to be our primary support!

Give ALL that you have to God and totally rely on Him to meet your every need!  (not want – NEED!)

Suggested Prayer:  Lord, help me to have complete reliance on You and to stay there . . .

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