Posted by: Larry Hoekman | February 23, 2015

Words in Red – He is Here!!!

Day 1954: Have one great Monday!!!

Scripture:  “Take courage!  It is I!  Do not be afraid!”  Mark 6:50b

Context:  Jesus was walking on the water past the boat in which His disciples were struggling to row against the wind.  They didn’t recognize Him and were frightened as they thought He was a ghost.

Thoughts/questions:  Less than 10 words in three short sentences, but WOW!

Like the disciples, so many times we get frustrated as it feels like we are rowing against the wind getting nowhere and then something else happens that adds fear into what we are struggling with.  Whether that is caused by the uncertainty of the future, a current situation that appears hopeless, a sudden unexpected setback, bad news, or . . ., the combination of frustration and fear can be overwhelming.

Also like the disciples, we don’t recognize our Deliverer.  We go it alone and strain to try harder. However, just as Jesus revealed Himself to them, He does to us as well.  Today, He says directly to you, “Take courage!  It is I!  Do not be afraid!”  After saying that to the disciples, Jesus got into their boat and the wind stopped!

Yes, our Deliverer is here!!!  Take Him into the ‘boat’ of your frustrations and fears and let Him bring peace!!!  We can bravely face our circumstances!!!  He is right here with us!!!  We do not need to be afraid!!!

Suggested Prayer:  Jesus, help me to understand the reality of Your presence in ALL of my circumstances . . .

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