Posted by: Larry Hoekman | March 5, 2015

Words in Red – If I can?

Day 1913: May your day be blessed . . .

Context:  The possessed boy’s father asked Jesus to do something if He could.  In response to Jesus’ statement the father replied, “I do believe, help me with my unbelief.”  After healing the man, the disciples asked Jesus privately as to why they could not cast out the evil spirit.

Scripture:  “If I can?  Anything is possible for those who believe.”  “You deaf and mute spirit,” He said, “I command you, come out of him and do not enter him again!”     “This kind can be cast out only by prayer and fasting.”  Mark 9:23,25b,29

Thoughts/questions:  Daniel’s three friends who were thrown in the furnace of fire best answered the question of just what God can do and will do–they knew God could deliver them, and if He didn’t, they would still do what they were supposed to do!  (Daniel 3:16-18)

Yes, anything is possible!  When my grandson was little, I took care of him. He wanted to feed the horses by himself with his bare hands, put his hands through the wire fence where three barking dogs were, walk in our busy street, eat only candy.  He was trying to do them all, and I had the power to let him.

If we could have discussed it, it might have gone something like this, “Papa, if you can, let me do these things.”  I would have responded, “If I can?  That’s not the right question.  I can let you do everything you want, but because I love you, I won’t.”  “But Papa . . .”   “No, I won’t let you do things that might hurt you no matter how much you might cry or complain!”

Pray, fast, seek His will, believe, and trust completely your ‘Papa’ in heaven!

Suggested Prayer:  Jesus, thank You for not giving me everything I want and keeping me from the things that might hurt me . . .

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