Posted by: Larry Hoekman | March 8, 2015

Words in Red – Stop?

Day 1916:  Today’s thoughts/questions section is short – not due to time constraints or lack of other input, but because of the significance of Jesus’ statement.

Context:  Jesus is responding to John who stated that the disciples tried to stop someone from casting out demons in Jesus’ name because he wasn’t with them.

Scripture:  “Don’t stop him!  No one who does a miracle in My name will soon be able to speak evil of Me, for whoever is not against us is for us.  I tell you the truth; any Christ follower who gives you a cup of water in My name will not lose his reward.”  Mark 9:39-41

Thoughts/questions:  It doesn’t have to be miracles, as a cup of water is enough. – If your life was being discussed in front of Jesus and Satan, would Jesus or Satan respond with, “Don’t stop him/her!”???

Suggested Prayer:  Lord Jesus, I want to live my life for You!  Help me to daily die to myself and let You live though me.  Together may we be an unstoppable force for Your kingdom . . .

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