Posted by: Larry Hoekman | March 27, 2015

Words in Red – Questions!

Day 1936:  Grandson took awhile but finally showed his face. All parties are doing well!

Context:  In Jerusalem, Jewish religious leaders were questioning Jesus regarding who gave Him the authority to do what He was doing.  After Jesus responded by questioning them, the leaders said that they could not answer Him.

Scripture:  Jesus replied, “I will ask you one question.  After you answer Me, I will tell you by what authority I am doing these things – was John’s baptism from heaven or was it merely human?  Answer Me!”  “Then I will not tell you by what authority I am doing these things.”  Mark 11:29, 30, 33b

Thoughts/questions:  Without doubt, Jesus is the master questioner, and this is one of His great responses.  We can surely use it as a model when people challenge our beliefs.

Jesus was acknowledging that they had a valid question and if He told them the truth, they wouldn’t believe Him anyway.  If He told them what they wanted to hear, it would make Him a blasphemer and they would be obligated to stone Him.  So, He asked them a similar question but about John the Baptist and it caused the same problem for them, so they did not answer allowing Jesus to escape the lose/lose situation they had put Him in.

We are having our beliefs challenged more and more and the following illustration along with Jesus’ answer have helped me in responding to questioners.  A female atheist once told a leading creationist that the fairy tales surrounding Noah and the ark should never be taught to innocent children and how stupid it was to believe that all present day dogs came from just two dogs.  The man’s response was classic as he acknowledged that his belief had issues, but showed her that she had even a greater problem by saying that he did believe as she said, but she believed that they all came from 0 dogs – who has the greater problem?

Whenever challenged, follow Jesus’ example by asking questions to get others to at least realize the problems their beliefs entail.  Sometimes the best response is a well thought out question!!!

Suggested Prayer:  Jesus, give me Your wisdom to ask the right question at the right time . . .

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