Posted by: Larry Hoekman | May 16, 2015

Fruit of the Spirit — Random Acts of Kindness?

Day 1980: Saturday blessings!

Scripture:   Therefore, as one of God’s chosen people, who is holy and beloved, I should clothe myself with compassion, kindness, humility . . . Colossians 3:12a    As the Lord’s servant, I must not quarrel; but I need to be kind to everyone, able to teach, and be patient when wronged.  II Timothy 2:24

Thoughts/questions:  Kindness is something we should daily clothe ourselves with.  Every morning try this: Consciously take in the ‘breath of life’ (God) when you take your first gift of breath, and then breathe out anything that is not of God.  Then, as you put on your actual clothes, also visualize clothing yourself with compassion, kindness, and humility!

‘Be kind, rewind’ – for those of us old enough to remember renting VCR movies, this was a standard request before you returned your movie.  We can’t rewind our days, so we have to determine to be aware of our surroundings enough that God can show us areas where we can reflect His kindness.  We can’t be kind without first being one of my favorite words – considerate!  When you walk into a room do you ‘consider’ others first or just your own needs?  In your home, whose needs/wants come to your attention first, your families or yours?

‘Practice random acts of kindness’ – this quote turned bumper sticker reminds us to do something that Christ followers should not have to be reminded of.  A more appropriate phrase for us would be ‘Daily demonstrate God’s loving kindness!’  We shouldn’t have to ‘practice’ doing acts of kindness, they should flow from God’s nature within us.  Our kindness shouldn’t be ‘random’, but those acts should be in response to His leading!   God’s kindness should be reflected in the way we treat family, those we love, co-workers, AND those we don’t know or don’t even like.

We can demonstrate the fruit of kindness when we consider others as more important than ourselves!  Be kind today and everyday! 

Suggested prayer:  Father God, You are kind and show Your compassion towards me every day.  Help me, Lord, to consider others and then show them Your kindness . . .

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