Posted by: Larry Hoekman | May 17, 2015

Fruit of the Spirit — God is good!

Day 1981:  Most of us consider it to be Monday, but really, Sunday is the beginning of the week.  Isn’t a day of rest a great way to start the week?

Scripture:  For the Lord is good, and His unfailing love to me endures forever.  Psalms 100:5a   I should give thanks to the Lord for His goodness and for the wonderful things He has done for me!  Psalms 107:8   And then God looked over every thing He had made and it was very good.  Genesis 1:31

Thoughts/questions:  Today we move to a new Fruit – Goodness. God is inherently good and that goodness was initially displayed during creation.  I don’t think what we observe is the same as it was when God initially saw it to be very good.   And yet our current world/universe still shouts that its creator is good!  Its vastness moves us to bow our knees to the awesomeness of God, but things we may not contemplate often are proofs that He is good.

Light/dark – could have been a switch – off/on.  Oh no, our GOOD God caused light to slowly encroach on the night and used wispy clouds which somehow capture color to give us the wonders of sunrises and then ends the day with more of the same and they are both on display 24/7 somewhere in our world!!!   Next time you see one, tell Him that He truly is good.

Water – a self-contained system, which includes salt and fresh water supporting life for creatures above and below it.  In three forms, vapor, solid, liquid – and the only liquid that floats when it freezes!  So what? – we couldn’t have life if water acted like every other liquid – lakes frozen solid from top to bottom instead of a crust on top allowing life to continue below!  At times it turns into snowflakes – so unique, soft, and WHITE – what beautiful snow covered mornings many of us have awoken to.  Then, on mornings below freezing, the sun shines on a world in which everything that sticks up reflects light as crystals – from spider webs to trees whose leaves are gone but whose braches are crystal.  Stars that give light; a moon that shines; animals that glow; people who can love and laugh – I could go on forever.

God is good – all the time. If He created all of that for us to enjoy, how much more will He show His goodness towards those who love Him?  Contemplate his creation and realize that His goodness can extend into every area of your life!!

Suggested prayer:  Lord, I stand in awe of You!  Thank You for showing me Your goodness in creation and in my life . . .

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