Posted by: Larry Hoekman | May 30, 2015

James 1:1-5 — Complete and Ready for Anything!

Day 1194: Our focus for the next while will be reading/applying God’s word directly! My desire is that you slowly read these small portions of James and meditate on them as the Holy Spirit teaches you! Please comment as to how these verses are impacting you, and we will all gain wisdom via each other’s experiences.

James – the very first book that I paraphrased in the ’80’s!  James is ‘filled’ with practical words of wisdom for daily living, yet it’s teachings have great depth as well, tackling issues like going through trials, unanswered prayer, faith vs. works, and true religion!  Be ready to have God speak to almost every aspect of your life as you enjoy the first person paraphrase of James!

James 1

Scripture: This letter is from James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to Jewish Christians scattered everywhere and to me.  Greetings!

When I encounter various trials and temptations, I should be joyful; for when my faith is so tested, the purpose is that my patience and endurance will grow.  I need to let my patience and endurance develop until I become a mature follower of Christ, and then I will be complete and ready for anything.  But if I don’t understand how to do this, I can ask God for wisdom.  He will gladly give it to me without holding anything back.

Suggested Prayer: Lord Jesus, I need your wisdom especially when I encounter trials. Help me to view my life as You do . . .


  1. Coach, I remember a specific basketball game when you used these verses. It was the typical game of referees calling a game differently than we saw it. You got us back in the game by reminding us that it was like life. You have to persevere joyfully even though the tough time.

    • I’m blessed you remember that!!!! I only remember the bad ref’s! – kidding. Also blessed to stay in contact with you!!! May the Lord speak thru you as a teacher and coach and change lives for Him!

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