Posted by: Larry Hoekman | June 1, 2015

James 1:12 – 20 — Receive the Crown of Life!

Day 1195: Our continued focus for the next while will be reading/applying God’s word directly! My desire is that you slowly read these small portions of James and meditate on them as the Holy Spirit teaches you!

James 1

Scripture: Yes, I can be joyful during my trials and temptations, for eventually I will receive the crown of life promised to me because I love Him.  Praise the Lord!  But when these times come, I shouldn’t say that God is tempting me because God never tempts me to do anything evil.  I am tempted when my own thoughts and desires pull me away from God, and then sin results, which eventually leads to death.  I should not be deceived in this area.

Whatever is good and perfect comes to me from God, who is the Father of lights; He is never uncertain or unstable.  He brought me to a new life in Him through the truth of His word, so I could become a child in His new family.  I must always remember to listen completely, speak only a little, and not become angry; for my anger does not help me achieve the standard God has set before me.

Suggested Prayer: Lord God, help me not to be deceived and to be assured that You desire to be close to me and are not tempting me . . .

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