Posted by: Larry Hoekman | June 4, 2015

James 1:10-13 — Mercy!!!

Day 1198: Last pre-school graduation tonight and thus ends Morningstar Country Pre-school! Great run Linda! Continuing reading thru James 2 in this first person paraphrase!

James 2

Scripture: If I keep almost every law but sin in just one area, I am guilty of breaking all of them.  For the God who said, “Do not commit adultery” also said, “Do not commit murder.”  So even if I have not committed adultery but have murdered someone, I have entirely broken God’s law and am a guilty sinner.  I need to speak and act knowing that my judgment will be based on God’s law that gives freedom.  This judgment towards me will be merciless if I haven’t shown mercy, but mercy triumphs over judgment!

Suggested prayer: Lord God, thank You for your mercy. I deserve judgment and instead, You give me mercy . . .

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