Posted by: Larry Hoekman | June 5, 2015

James 1:14-20 — Faith that Works!

Day 1199: Another TGIF – Thank God I’m Forgiven!! Continuing our reading through James in this first person paraphrase!

Scripture: What’s the use of saying that I have faith if I don’t have works?  Will that faith save me?  If I say to a brother or sister who is in need of food or clothing, “God bless you; be warmed and be filled,” and then I don’t give them any clothes or food, what good is that?  In the same way, if my faith does not result in good works, it is dead. One could argue, “You just talk about faith, but I do works.”  It would be difficult for me to prove my faith without doing any works, but they could easily demonstrate their faith by their works.

It is good to believe that there is one God; however, the demons also believe this and tremble.  So I would be foolish to identify faith that does not result in works as real faith. 

Suggested prayer: Lord Jesus, help me to always practice what I preach . . .


  1. So much of teaching and parenting is discipleship. This passage speaks to that as each parent wants a child to grow to thee point where faith is owned and shown by action. Powerful reminder in this passage

    • Faith definitely is not inherited – has to be one’s own!

  2. […] James 1:14-20 — Faith that Works! […]

    • Yep, so that they would realize their total dependence on Him for their salvation!!!

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