Posted by: Larry Hoekman | June 9, 2015

James 3:6-8 — Flaming Destruction!

Day 2003: No way are we almost halfway through 2015 – wow!

Scripture: Yes, a great forest fire can be set by a small flame. My tongue is sparked by hell itself; it is a flame of fire, the very world of iniquity.  It can poison every part of my body and can turn my whole life into flaming destruction.  I might be able to tame any kind of animal, bird, or fish, but I cannot tame my tongue.  It is always ready to pour out its deadly poison. 

Again – using today’s verses, ‘nothing’ pours out of a closed mouth! Let’s all try this more often!

Suggested prayer: Dear Lord, I can’t tame my tongue, but with Your help  I can do much better. Help me to use my tongue wisely . . .

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