Posted by: Larry Hoekman | June 13, 2015

James 4:1-3 — Don’t Have What You Want?

Day 2006: In Orange County as the wife is going to a baby shower for ‘triplets’ – wow, the real trifecta that I’m glad didn’t happen to me . . .

Scripture: When I am involved in quarreling and fighting, it is because of the evil desires for pleasure that battle within me.  If I want something that is not mine, it’s almost as if I could kill to get it.  By envying what others have that I can’t have, quarreling and fighting results.

Yet, the real reason I don’t have what I want is because I didn’t ask God for it.  And when I don’t receive after asking God, it is because I have asked with the wrong motives.  I cannot expect to receive anything from God when I only want to use what I receive for my own personal pleasure.

Suggested prayer: Father God, may personal pleasure never be my motivation, and may my motivation always be to serve You by serving others . . .

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