Posted by: Larry Hoekman | July 4, 2015

Daily Readings — The Wise Tongue!

Day 2027: Happy Independence Day (why we call it by a date is beyond me) or the day after as I believe this to be a very important post and am repeating it 2 days in a row because of the holiday!

Scripture: The tongue of the wise makes knowledge acceptable, But the mouth of fools spouts folly.  Proverbs 15:2

Thoughts/questions: We must expand this verse to include not only our spoken words, but also text, email, and facebook. (As an aside, try NEVER to communicate anything important using these three!)

The culture of the United States and many European countries reacts negatively to those speaking the truth of God’s teachings. So if we are going to effectively communicate, we need to take the wisdom in today’s verse extremely seriously.

A recent example is the reaction to the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling regarding same sex marriage. There are two speakers in this verse, and let’s assume they are speaking about the same topic; however, one’s words are acceptable to the hearer while the other’s words are received as mere folly. Why the difference?

Because of the value of our beliefs, we NEVER want to have what we share be considered as folly. To avoid this, we must think before we speak and remember that our words (according to Ephesians 4) are to give grace to the hearer – grace; something that they didn’t deserve!

Our words of God’s truth may not be believed, but they should be listened to and found acceptable. Be wise if you speak, and know that God can speak loudly without words – especially words considered folly.

Suggested prayer: Father God, may I be silent and only speak when I know You are having me speak . . .

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