Posted by: Larry Hoekman | July 8, 2015

Daily Readings — Be Careful!

Day 2030: Seek first His kingdom . . . Continuing with words!

Scripture: Let no corrupting talk come out of my mouth, but only such as is good for the building up of others as fits the occasion, that my words may give grace to those who hear them.  Ephesians 4:29

Thoughts/questions: In the book of James, we are told of the power of the tongue and that it cannot be tamed! Our verse today encourages us to use positive words to build up, not tear down. Words that extend grace, not words that make sure the receiver gets what they deserve.

Today a word of warning. We have moved a loooooooooong way from the times in which communication was almost solely through spoken words and direct contact. The tongue now includes an ability to write, and write in so many ways. Because of these recent advances in texting, emailing, facebookking (!!) twittering (!!), our tongue is no longer the sole problem. Our fingers have joined it!

There is SO much DANGER in texting, Facebook, and emails when we attempt to communicate things of importance. Even when trying to say/write something nice or only slightly confrontative, potential miscommunication is rampant.

Simply DON’T go there. Light, casual communication – fine. BUT anything of importance should be left unsaid until it can be said face to face or possibly on the phone with spoken words!!! This is preaching to the choir of those who have already been hurt by this process, but those who haven’t, BEWARE!

Suggested prayer: Lord, let the words of my mouth (and my fingers) be acceptable in Your sight . . .

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