Posted by: Larry Hoekman | July 18, 2015

Daily Readings — 1 to 10?

Day 2039: Another wedding today. Blessed to be a part of another couple’s important day!

Scripture: Not only should I look out for my own personal interests, but I also am to be concerned about the interests of others.  Philippians 2:4

Thoughts/questions: There are a number of ways to look out for the interests of others, but one simple one is to demonstrate you care by asking questions. One of the most common questions is also one of the most important questions one could be asked, but it is also not usually taken seriously. The question – ‘How are you?’

Fine, Ok, Not too bad, Pretty good, Great – answers like that. These are such generic answers, no real information is being shared. However, one further question takes you to a place where you really can follow the instruction in today’s verse – to sincerely look to the interests (concerns) of others. The question – ‘What does that mean on a 1 to 10?’

Their next answer can really clue you into how they are really doing! In my experience, a ‘fine’ has been followed up with a 1 to 10 answer ranging from 2 to 8 – quite a variance. Armed with this specific information, you can now proceed in a way that shows you really care about them, and that you were serious when you asked the initial question.

This simple 1 to 10 question has opened more deep conversations than any other thing I’ve ever done. Start asking; consider others as more important than yourself; and truly show God’s love to all you engage with!

Suggested prayer: Lord, I want to be Your servant. Help me to go deeper in my communication with others than I have ever done before . . .

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