Posted by: Larry Hoekman | August 17, 2015

Daily Readings — Fear!

Day 2149: Happy Monday! Remember, Mondays are 1/7 of your week, so make sure you don’t hate 1/7 of your life!!!

Scripture:  For me, there should be no fear in this love, as perfect love casts out fear . . . I John 4:18a

Thoughts/questions: Fear was a topic of conversation Saturday as well as the sermon I heard Sunday. The question came to mind – what causes fear? (This may be a little long but I believe it is worth the read!)

Regularly we put our trust in certain areas and when they are absent, we often are afraid. A number of examples: 1) Light – we actually trust in light as that same noise we heard when it was light receives a fearful response when light is absent; 2) $ – an easy one. When money is not an issue, we proceed confidently. When money is absent, we worry and become afraid of what might happen;

3) The known – when we know what is going on, we often proactively plan our attack, but when we don’t know (health example of Saturday – because she doesn’t know how her cancer recovery is going, she has little peace and is fearful), we tend to be afraid; 4) Control – when we have it, we’re good to go. When control is absent, we live in fear.

5) Relational – when our relationships are strong and mature, we are happy, but when they waiver or cause us problems, fear arises. These things we trust in and place our hope in become our little idols. YES, our little idols, as we soon bow down before them. We need them! And fear arises when they are absent or minimal.

The solution? Put your trust and hope ONLY in God and God alone. It sounds so simple, but at least one of the above idols is aggressively seeking your worship and you’re well aware of it. So, be specific. Deal with that one. Commit to replacing fear with faith when you are tempted to put your hope in something temporal, not the eternal God of the universe!!!

No longer live in fear! Remove your idols! Put all of your hope and trust in God!

Suggested prayer: Father God, I confess that I often live in fear. When my earthly idols fail me, I lose my peace and develop fear. Help me to identify the cause of my fear and to no longer trust them, but trust completely in You instead . . .

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