Posted by: Larry Hoekman | September 3, 2015

Daily Reading — Please Pray and ???

Day 2164: Continuing a 2-day devotional regarding our persecuted brothers and sisters.

Scripture: (Jesus speaking) But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those persecuting you!  Matthew 5:44

Thoughts/questions: The following are quotes from the widow of one of the martyred men and the brother of another martyred saint who were two of the 21 Christ followers beheaded in Libya:

(Wife) “I was very proud he (my husband) stood firm in his faith and didn’t deny Jesus”

“God selected them to send a message to everybody who is far away from Him to get back to God.”

“We are not sad from IS. And we pray for them that God may open their hearts and their eyes to see the glory of God.”

(Brother) “But when we heard that they died in the name of Christ, we were very happy with what they said on the video: ‘Jesus Christ have mercy on us.'”

“I pray for them (IS) that God may open their heart, and they may know the truth and know that what they do is wrong and then do the right thing.”

“Jesus told us to forgive every sin, and we forgive them (IS) and we hope that they can come to know Jesus.”

May our attitude and eternal perspective be similar to theirs. May we pray for them continually. May we support them in other ways (financially and sharing their conditions with others) as well.

Suggested prayer: Lord, although I struggle to understand how You allow this to happen, may I always trust You, and may I always support my fellow Christ followers who face regular and horrible persecution . . .

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