Posted by: Larry Hoekman | October 5, 2015

Daily Readings — Every 5 minutes . . .

Day 2196: Please use the events in Oregon to embolden you to share your testimony as well . . .

Scripture:  For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain. Philippians 1:21

Thoughts/questions: According to a well researched article, a Christ follower dies as a martyr every 5 minutes (you might not believe this, so check it yourself as I did)This rate peaked in the 20th century as 45 million died.

Most of this occurs ‘over there’ to many of us, yet the Oregon shooter provided those in the U.S. with a close up look as to what happens EVERY 5 MINUTES – someone dies for their belief in Jesus.

Yet, I’m writing this and you’re reading this, so we continue to live! Maybe it’s harder to live for Christ than die for Him. But how hard would have it been to be the second in line to say, ‘Yes, I’m a Christian’ after just seeing someone shot in the head for saying that and knowing if they said ‘No’ they would only be shot in the leg???

But we live. So the question becomes, “How then shall we live?” May the lives of those lost in Oregon AND all of the Christ followers who die for their belief be the catalyst for boldness in our lives as we follow Jesus. Me we stand strong. May we not be silent. May we honor them by our lives!

Suggested prayer: Dear Jesus, may those followers of You whose lives are endangered be protected. May You give them peace. May their lives inspire me . . .

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