Posted by: Larry Hoekman | November 24, 2015

I Peter 2:21-23 — Silent Suffering!

Day 2236:  God is there – ALWAYS!!!

Scripture:  For I have been called for this purpose – since Christ suffered for me leaving an example for me to follow in His steps.  For as it is written in Isaiah, “He committed no sin, nor was any deceit found in His mouth.”  While being insulted, He did not retaliate; while suffering, He did not make any threats; but He committed Himself to God, who always judges fairly.    I Peter 2:21-23

Thoughts/questions:  Often professional athletes are hired to coach – players want someone who has been there/done that, as that person potentially knows how to get the athletes to their same level.  Spiritually, we are similar to that.  So, our Savior not only died for our sins, but He also suffered so that we can KNOW that we are not alone when we go through our ordeal.

When questioned by antagonists, Jesus often responded with insightful questions. But during suffering, He usually remained silent.  To me, the key was His preparation.  In the garden, He prepared by praying, and James 5:13 teaches ‘if I am suffering, I should pray.”

By praying, Jesus was able to completely commit Himself to God and then and only then could He remain silent even though He knew that He could turn the tables on His persecutors at any time.

We will suffer.  Are we prepared?  Jesus knew His suffering was imminent; we don’t know when our time will come.  Pray, and as Jesus did, pray again and keep praying until you have aligned yourself with God so that you are spiritually ready for anything.  God is there – ALWAYS!!!!

Suggested prayer:  Lord, I don’t want to suffer, but I am willing to go through whatever You have for me because I know You love me, and You have been there too . . .

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