Posted by: Larry Hoekman | November 29, 2015

I Peter 3:13-15 — No Fear!

Day 2239:  Look up today!!!  You know the One who made the beauty of the heavens!!!!  

Scripture:  Who is going to harm me if I am eager to do good?  But when I suffer for doing what is right, I am blessed.  I should not live in fear of their intimidations, and I should not be troubled.  But in my heart I should sanctify Christ as Lord, and always be prepared to give an answer to anyone who asks me to give the reason for my hope.  My answer should be given with gentleness and respect.  I Peter 3:13-15

Thoughts/questions:  No Fear.  It’s a simple logo on a t-shirt with no spiritual implications right???  Wrong.  My ‘no fear’ t-shirt’s main statement is ‘shut up and jump’ in regards to skydiving which I’ve done twice.  The second time was done without fear – how can we not live in fear?

When I jumped the first time, I was submitting my will to the instructors, but I didn’t totally trust the whole process and when the door of the plane opened at 3,000 feet, fear took over my being.  The second time was different.  This time I completely trusted my instructors.  Eagerly I entered the plane and rose to 10,000 feet and nothing was going to stop me!  Trust completely, submit without reservation, and you will not have to live in fear!!!!

Suggested prayer:  Almighty God, help me to live with hope and without fear . . .

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