Posted by: Larry Hoekman | December 6, 2015

I Peter 4:12-14 — His Name!

Day 2236:  All of God’s nature is worthy of praise!!! 

Scripture:  I should not be surprised when I go through fiery trials which test me, as if something strange was happening to me.  Instead, I should be rejoicing as I am sharing in the sufferings of Christ, so that at the revelation of His glory, I will be glad with exceeding joy.  For if I am insulted because of the name of Christ, I am blessed because the Spirit of glory and of God rests upon me!  I Peter 4:12-14

Thoughts/questions:  We seem to define ‘strange’ today as if it were its synonym – weird; however, the first definition of it is ‘unexpected.’  Trials and suffering are not odd/weird for Christ followers, but are to be expected.

Our trials can be the result of natural causes (we have free will and live in a fallen world) or they can come with a purpose.  As a teacher, I purposely brought a trial to my students called a ‘test.’  They spent time doing homework and studying the material, so it was imperative that I find out how much they had learned.  Students don’t like tests, but without them there is no measure of their learning.  We also don’t like the fact that God allows us to be tested, but we need to know how we’re doing! Although His grading system is different than ours, how are you doing on those tests?

Insulted because of the name of Christ.  Let’s try this test – in a conversation this coming week, say the name Jesus or Jesus Christ among non-believers and observe their response. Some day, His name WILL cause every knee to bow and hail Him as Lord.  Today, that is not the case, but we MUST speak His name and cause other names to take their proper place!!!

Suggested prayer:  Jesus, help me to be ready for trials and to boldly speak Your name . . .

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