Posted by: Larry Hoekman | December 13, 2015

I Peter 5:11-14 — Summary of I Peter!

Day 2242:  I trust these devotionals have helped bring I Peter alive for you!

Scripture:  To God be glory and power forever and ever.  Amen.  With the help of his faithful brother, Silas, Peter wrote briefly to encourage me and to assure me that this is the true grace of God.  I am to stand firm in it!  The church at Babylon, who is chosen with me, sends her greetings, as does Mark.  I should greet other Christ followers in Christian love.  Peace be with me and all who are in Christ!    I Peter 5:11-14

Thoughts/questions:  This last day of I Peter, I will summarize his writings, which were meant to encourage and assure us.  At the beginning of I Peter, we are reminded that in Christ we have a living hope, whom we have not seen but love.  Then we are encouraged to be holy as ‘we shall be holy because He is holy.’  We are reminded that we are a ‘chosen people’ who once were not a people, but now we are part of the people of God!

Submission to rulers or masters follows as we are encouraged to patiently endure suffering when we are doing right.  Christ is our example to follow regarding this.  The relationship between husbands and wives is explored, as we are to live harmoniously with a humble spirit.  Suffering for doing good is addressed as others will want to know why we have such hope during difficult times.

Chapter four starts with encouraging us to live for God and to do His will by serving one another with the special gifts He has given us.  It goes on to describe how Christ followers will share in the sufferings of Christ as we entrust our lives to our faithful Creator.  Previous to his closing comments, Peter gives instructions to elders and young men.  Then verses 6-8 are filled with instructions for us to humble ourselves under God’s mighty hand, to give our worries to Him, and to resist the devil.

GREAT stuff!  I Peter is filled with deep truths about our spiritual walk!  Refer to it often.

Suggested prayer:  Lord, thank You for Your word!  Help me to daily apply it to my life . . .

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