Posted by: Larry Hoekman | February 9, 2016

Proverbs — Proverbs 5:11-17

Day 2275:  More warnings about the eventual impact of an impure sexual life and some very sound advice!

Scripture:  If I were to be with an adulteress, at the end of my life I would mourn and groan as my body would be consumed by disease.  Then I would say, “How I hated discipline and my heart despised reproof!  Why didn’t I listen to my teachers and those who sought to give me instruction.  I am at the edge of utter ruin and everyone knows it.”  I must drink water from my own well – my wife!  Should I share my waters and have sex with just anyone?  No!  They should be mine alone and not be shared with strangers.  Proverbs 5:11-17

Thoughts/questions: Proverbs gets to at least a PG 13 rating with its description of sexuality, but first it gives us a long-term warning regarding the misuse of sex.  I used to ask high school students this question for years and never got the right answer – “What is safe sex?”  Some say abstinence or a condom – well you’ve got to be having sex to have ‘safe sex.’ And a condom’s protection % is about the same as Russian Roulette – I don’t think any of us believe a 1 in 6 chance of killing oneself is ‘safe.’

So what is safe sex?  It is having sex as much as you want with only one person who also is with only one person!  No STD type diseases to worry about or complicate your life/health.  Proverbs is right!  NO – this is not an area of life in which we should share!  Plan on drinking water from your own well and only that well for the rest of your life!

Suggested prayer:  Father, thank You for making it so clear regarding what I should and should not be doing in my sex life . . .

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