Posted by: Larry Hoekman | February 17, 2016

Proverbs — Proverbs 7:13-21

Day 2283: Female wiles . . .

Scripture:   The seductress then grabbed him, kissed him, and with a brazen look said, “I was due to offer peace offerings and just finished my vows, so I excitedly came out to meet you and have found you.  I have covered my bed with colored linens from Egypt.  I have perfumed it with myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon.  Come with me and let us drink our fill of love until morning.  Let us delight in each other’s caresses.  For my husband is not at home and has gone on a long journey; he took a purse filled with money and won’t be back until later in the month.”  With her persuasive speech, she seduced him, and she enticed him with flattering lips.  Proverbs 7:13-21

Thoughts/questions:   What we can learn from the seductress? Wives, (and husbands) what does she do that we should be doing?  Came out to meet himgrabbed him and kissed him with an attitude – when is the last time you did that with your spouse? Covered her bed with special sheets and used enticing perfumes – set the love trap!!! Let us drink our fill of love/delight in each other’s caresses – use words and touch to delight our spouse!  Persuasive speech/seduction/flattering lips – flattery and persuasion can be done in the sexual arena as well!

To quote a female Phd,  ‘A marriage without a passionate sex life is lacking a key ingredient that wives all too often underestimate.  And the reality is that a husband who does not have a satisfying sexual relationship with his wife is much more vulnerable to becoming involved with someone else.’

No spouse seeks to be part of making their partner vulnerable to becoming involved with someone else.  Husbands and wives, how are you doing in this area?

Suggested prayer:  Lord, help me to be work at meeting all of the needs of my spouse . . .

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