Posted by: Larry Hoekman | February 18, 2016

Proverbs — Proverbs 7:22-27

Day 2284: More advice from Proverbs re: our sexual choices!

Scripture:  He immediately followed the seductress like an ox going to slaughter or like a fool going to the correction of the stocks until an arrow pierces his liver. He acted like a bird rapidly flying into a snare not knowing that it would cost him his life. I must listen to wisdom’s story and pay attention to what it says.  I cannot let my heart turn towards her ways; I must not stray into her paths. For she has had numerous victims, and she has been the ruin of many mighty men. Her house is a highway to the grave descending to the chambers of death.    Proverbs 7:22-27

Thoughts/questions: This fight is on two levels: 1) Emotional (let my heart turn) and 2) Choice (I must not stray into her paths).  At the emotional level of any temptation we have the opportunity to make it a bit easier on ourselves. By using the ‘spot the thought’ method previously discussed, we can stop our heart/emotions before they begin to dominate our thinking. If we fail there, we still have the ability of our will to choose our actions.  This is now more difficult, but not impossible. Maybe the following will help your ability to make the right choice.

The Bible calls our body the temple of God where His Spirit dwells – our body is His house. In sports, the home team has an expression ‘not in my house’ meaning certain things WON’T happen on their home court/field. My suggestion is that when confronting temptation you can choose to respond as if God is speaking through you and state – ‘NOT IN MY HOUSE!’  No sexual sin or any other sin in God’s house!

Suggested prayer:  Father God, I am sorry for yielding to temptation so many times. Help me to stop allowing this to happen in Your house . . . 

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