Posted by: Larry Hoekman | February 25, 2016

Proverbs — Proverbs 10:7-12

Day 2291: Still praying for rain in CA!

Scripture:  People will have good memories of me when I lead a godly life, but the memories of the wicked will rot.  By accepting instruction, I am acting wisely, but a babbling fool comes to ruin.  When I walk with integrity, I have secure footing, but those who follow a crooked path will slip and fall.  If I just wink at wrong, I will cause trouble, and a babbling fool comes to ruin.  My righteous words are a fountain of life, but the mouth of the wicked conceals violence.  Hatred stirs up strife, but wrongs are covered when I operate in love.  Proverbs 10:7-12

Thoughts/questions:  So, what’s your M.O., modus operandi, method of operation? Proverbs states that when our M.O. is love, many wrongs are covered (stated in I Cor. 13 as love hardly even notices when others do it wrong) as opposed to strife increasing. An M.O. of love makes this bumpy life smoother, as opposed to a life struggling to go up and over self-created obstacles.  ‘Operate in love’ and ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’.

The first 11 verses of Proverbs 10 repeat word for word two phrases:  a babbling fool comes to ruin and the mouth of the wicked conceals violence.  Babbling about nothing or lying about everything – maybe we don’t verbalize to these extremes, but we reveal who we are when we speak.  It has been said that some people appear intelligent until they open their mouths.  Let this NOT be said of us – that we appear spiritual until we open our mouths!

Suggested prayer:  Lord, help my life to be characterized by love in word and in deed . . .

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