Posted by: Larry Hoekman | March 1, 2016

Proverbs — Proverbs 11:14-19

Day 2296:  Let His peace become your peace . . .

Scripture. Where there is no guidance, a nation fails, but with many counselors there is victory.  If I guarantee a loan for a stranger, I will surely suffer for it; but if I refuse to do so, I will be safe.  A gracious woman attains honor; but ruthless men gain only wealth. When I am kind, I am doing good to my own soul; but when I am cruel, I bring trouble on myself.   The wicked earn deceptive wages, but by sowing righteousness, I gain a true reward.  If I am steadfast in righteousness, I will attain life, but those who pursue evil find death.   Proverbs 11:14-19

Thoughts/questions:  Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, so the kings with the wisdom to rely on others to counsel them regarding their nations were unique.  Sometimes we become little despots of our lives not letting anyone in.  Are you at a time in your life where you need to seek the help of others who might have wise counsel?

A consistent theme in God’s word is the continual references regarding our good resulting from us doing good to others.  If we selfishly seek our own good, we won’t find it.  If we humbly seek to help others, God will give ‘good’ to us.  So to receive, we must ‘be’ good to others.  We reap unto ourselves what we sow unto others.  Our motivation has to be to give, and then what we receive is not earned, but is God’s ‘gift of good’ to us!!!

Suggested prayer:  Father God, Your words are the key to life.  Help me to take them in every day . . .

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