Posted by: Larry Hoekman | March 22, 2016

Proverbs — Proverbs 15:28-30

Day 2316:  Father, I stand amazed at who You are!  Bless the lives of all who read this, and please make Your love obvious to them today!

Scripture:  When I stop to consider my answers, I display a righteous heart, but the mouth of the wicked gushes forth evil.  The Lord is far from the wicked, but He hears my prayers as I seek to be godly.  A cheerful look brings joy to my heart, and good news gives health to my bones..  Proverbs 15:28-30

Thoughts/questions:  A mouth that gushes forth probably wishes a dam had been built to control the flow.  How is your dam holding up?  Is it releasing only the amount and type of words you have determined to be worth speaking?  Dams also hold back water that never gets released (evaporates/absorbed/?) – Is your dam also keeping back words that should NEVER be spoken?  Always take the time to consider your answers!

A cheerful look – Today my cheerful look and considering my actions brought an unexpected result. I was at a coffee shop in Florida meeting an ex-student who currently lives there. We were so ‘cheerful’ that both of our drinks were on the house – I was treating, so that brought joy to my heart! Always be cheerful; you never know what might happen!

Suggested prayer:  Lord, help me to stop and think before I speak and to bring joy into the lives of others . . .

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