Posted by: Larry Hoekman | April 10, 2016

Proverbs — Proverbs 18:13-18

Day 2334May the Lord give you His eyes to see through today . . .

Scripture:  When I answer someone without really listening, folly and shame come my way.  My human spirit can endure a sick body, but who can bear a broken spirit?  By being prudent, my mind will acquire knowledge and my ear will seek understanding.  A gift can open the way for me, and it may bring me before important people!  The first ones to present their case seem right, until someone else comes forward to question it.  Casting lots can put an end to strife and even keep strong opponents apart. Proverbs 18:13-18

Thoughts/questions:  Misinformation – when we act, make a decision, or repeat a conversation based on misinformation, trouble is dead ahead.  Remember the telephone game?  We would get the facts wrong even when we were ‘trying hard’ to listen.  Effective communication is such a key to any relationship, especially a marriage, and we seem to be able to talk well (and a lot), so the problem must be on the listening side.

Trained listeners will listen intently to be able to ask further questions.  If we listen that way instead of trying to defend ourselves, and if we listen with an open mind and heart, then effective communication will result and our relationships can thrive. (Politicians take note!!!)

By listening well, you may hear a negative comment regarding Jesus or Christ followers, and you may be the one who needs to come forward and question it.  Be sensitive to your surroundings, confirm the importance of taking a stand at that time, and question what they have said by standing firm in love.  Don’t miss an opportunity to defend your faith!

Suggested prayer:  Father, help me to listen to You and to others, and to stand strong for You  . . .

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