Posted by: Larry Hoekman | April 12, 2016

Proverbs — Proverbs 19:1-5

Day 2336Bless the Lord, Oh my soul!!!

Scripture:  It is better to be poor and have integrity than to be a fool with perverse speech.  Also, it is not good for me to be without knowledge, and those who are too quick to make decisions error.  By acting foolishly, people sabotage their ways, and their hearts fight against the Lord.  Those who have wealth add friends, but poor people are easily separated from their friends.  A false witness will not go unpunished, and if I tell lies, I will not escape.  Proverbs 19:1-5

Thoughts/questions:  I just witnessed the truth of this first verse. As I was leaving a parking lot, I overheard a ‘fool’ speaking with very perverse speech. It certainly would have been better to be listening to a poor person who had integrity than to what was spewing forth from this man. Avoid any and ALL perverse speech and don’t be considered a fool!

Some proverbs are so direct and simple – God cares much more about who we are; how we behave; and our relationship with Him than He does about our financial status.  As Christ followers, our integrity reflects back on the One we say we follow; therefore, foolish acts and improper speech are not acceptable..  Although some of us may have missed a potential opportunity by being too slow to act, usually it is the quick decision that causes grief.  Proverbs warns us – No errors – take the proper amount of time needed to make a wise decision!

Suggested prayer:  Lord, thank You for sparing me from all of the foolish acts I could have done without You . . .

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