Posted by: Larry Hoekman | April 21, 2016

Proverbs — Proverbs 20:1-5

Day 2345: May His presence fill your day . . . 

Scripture:  Wine is a mocker, and strong drink a brawler, and it is not wise for me to become intoxicated by them.  The threats of rulers are like a roaring lion, and if I provoke them to anger, it could bring harm to me.  It is an honor for me to cease from strife, as any fool will burst out in a quarrel.  The sluggard does not plow after autumn and ends up begging after the harvest because he has nothing.  My heartfelt plans are like deep water, but with understanding, I can draw them out.   Proverbs 20:1-5

Thoughts/questions:  Drugs and alcohol – truly a mocker because those who become intoxicated by them believe as one of my ex-students did – this quote in his obituary said it best –“he thought he controlled drugs, in reality, drugs controlled him.”  The drugs and alcohol mocked him by giving him a sense of control he didn’t’ have.  Make ABSOLUTELY sure that this is not the case with you or anyone you love.  Challenge them or yourself to stop for an extended period of time or altogether – the only real proof of who is really in control!

We are often so busy that our ‘plans’ are merely reacting to what the day brings, and then our long-term plan becomes the accumulation of those days.  I encourage you to take some time to write down your heartfelt plans with understanding!  Think deeply about what God has put on your heart to do and be, and make plans to do and be just that! Fulfill your heartfelt plans!

Suggested prayer:  Lord, take control of my habits, my mouth, and my plans . . .

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