Posted by: Larry Hoekman | April 23, 2016

Proverbs — Proverbs 20:11-15

Day 2347: Show the difference Christ has made in your life by your GREAT attitude!!!

Scripture:  The character of even children is known by their actions, whether what they do is pure and right.  The Lord has made both my ears that hear and my eyes that see.  If I love sleep, I will become poor, instead, I should open my eyes and I will have plenty of food.  A buyer will say to the seller that the goods are really bad, and then later brags about his purchase.  There is gold and jewelry in abundance, but lips that impart knowledge are far more precious.  Proverbs 20:11-15

Thoughts/questions:  The diamond district of downtown LA astounds me with the vast number of diamonds and jewels in the cases of so many merchants in such a small place.  In addition to LA’s jewels, there is all of the inventory of jewelry stores plus the jewels and gold in the possession of individuals Abundance is an understatement.

Hopefully the rest of the verse is also an understatement, and that you speak wisely and impart knowledge on a regular basis.  The world does NOT need more gold and jewelry, but it does need more of God’s wisdom spoken through you!!!

As one physically climbs higher, the more of God’s creation we can see. Spiritually, the closer we are with God, the higher our spiritual eyes are lifted.  Our now open eyes take in more of His opportunities to serve others as more of Him comes into our view.  As you elevate your spiritual position by getting closer to Him, make sure you take in everything He has for you that was previously hidden!!!

Suggested prayer:  Lord, bring me closer to You and open my eyes . . .

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