Posted by: Larry Hoekman | May 2, 2016

Proverbs — Proverbs 21:22-26

Day 2355:  Never forget to pray for persecuted Christ followers around the world!

Scripture:  When wise, I am able to conquer the cities of the mighty and bring down the strongholds in which they put their trust.  By guarding my mouth and my tongue, I am keeping myself from calamity.  People who are proud and haughty – mocker is their name, as they behave with boundless pride.  The selfish desires of sluggards will be their death, as their hands refuse to work.  All day long they crave for more, but as a righteous person, I am to give without sparing.  Proverbs 21:22-26

Thoughts/questions:  While traveling through Greece and the Greek islands, we saw ruins of many walls built for protection and security – they ALL failed.  God tells us in Proverbs that our ultimate security comes from wisdom – understanding our world through spiritual eyes given to us by Him.  This first verse is not about us attacking others; no, it is about us having Someone superior to trust in rather than defenses built by human hands.

By guarding my mouth and my tongue, I am keeping myself from calamity. This sounds so easy, and so logical, BUT . . . When left to its own devices, our mouth destroys. Sometimes is small way, like just this weekend my grandson shared how some words spoken (by someone else this time!) hurt his feelings. I was easily able to fix that one, but without him telling me, his opinion of that person would have suffered. Then the big ones! Here we are all guilty – at least I know I am. How can I guard my mouth – ONLY by dying to self. Like Paul, we are to die daily and let Jesus live through us!

Suggested prayer:  Lord, thank You that I can trust in You and that You will take care of me . . .

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